Monica Teresa




Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Teresa House

Far from any city/village/town, this house sits right into the lapse of mother nature, surrounded by lash green sights everywhere. It was designed as a getaway hillside house to escape the noisy tainting city and was given the texture of rough concrete from the outside as it would create a contrast to the neighboring green belt. It is equipped with a light well that sheds light in the living space on the ground floor.

Originally the layout was designed by Monica Teresa. We helped her in bringing her vision to reality by providing her with adequate services. From Modelling to Rendering in Real Time our team did it majestically.

The use of BIM helped us facilitate efficient scheduling and sequencing of various construction activities, optimizing resource allocation and reducing construction time. Additionally, BIM technology provided us with valuable insights into energy performance, cost estimation, and facility management, enhancing the overall sustainability and lifecycle management of residential projects. By leveraging BIM, construction professionals have streamlined processes, increase productivity, minimize risks, and deliver a high-quality residential building that meets the evolving needs of homeowners.