Technical Drawings

the BIM builders specialize in providing high-quality CAD Drawings at quick turnaround times. With easy collaboration, no price alteration and one year of warranty with each drawing.

Scanned Drawing Conversion

We pride ourselves in producing high-quality CAD Drawings and assisting our clients in converting their old paper drawings and scanned drawings to precise every dimension and editable CAD drawings. When you outsource your CAD Drawings to us, we manually draft everything from the scanned drawing.  We not only offer quality work but also deliver quickly. 

Expert-optimized CAD solutions that save time/cost maintaining the best CAD Drafting practice in the market.

Bulk Drawing Conversion

We have the capability of delivering CAD drafting from multiple formats such as MCD, TIFF, or scanned images to CAD readable formats such as DGN, DXF, and DWG in large quantities. Our expert team of architects & engineers is well-equipped in handling projects of any size and volume. Opt for CAD solutions from the BIM builders and get work done precisely, and faster.

Redline Markups

Redline markup is a brilliant way to share files for online collaboration whether for building or for renovations, alternations, or maintenance. The markups are added, on a computer, when the drawings are amended or redrafted. If you have sketches or plans that have redline markup, we can convert these to 2D in the form of AutoCAD.

Building Systems Design Optimization

Building systems have a significant influence on facility functionality and efficiency, comprising a significant portion of the overall project capital cost with direct impact toward operational costs such as energy use, maintenance and lifecycle. Our building systems engineers and experts work to optimize system design and oversee M&E trades through procurement, installation and commissioning for maximum economic and operational efficiency.